How Azul has helped Appzia to boost overall Application Infrastructure?

Azul's zing solution has completely solved the garbage collection problem for us. We no longer need to concern ourselves with tuning the garbage collector or coding around it. This has saved us an enormous amount in terms of potential opportunity cost and allows us to spend more time on the business problems that really matter. Not having to butcher our code to make it garbage free has probably also helped us to retain a high level of productivity and a low level of defects.

Azul portfolio at a glance

Azul Zulu Enterprise

A 100% open source, fully standards-compliant Java Development Kit (JDK) and runtime platform with flexible pricing and support plans, no proprietary licenses or field of use restrictions, timely security updates, and the industry’s best support from Azul’s globally distributed support team.

Azul Zulu Embedded

The only 100% open source Java platform for ISVs plus IoT and embedded OEMs that is fully certified for Java SE compliance and completely customizable for embedded systems in Java-based products

Azul Zing

The only JVM with pauseless garbage collection technology, ensuring fast startup and consistent high performance without GC pauses, jitter, or application timeouts. Optimized for Linux and x86 platforms, running on-premises or in the cloud, Zing is designed for enterprise applications and production workloads ranging from web-facing apps and human-facing response times to latency-sensitive trading and payments platforms.

Preserve capital and protect your business

Discover Azul's Java platform products backed by the industry's best Support.

Zing®: Drive down costs while handling increased workloads and volatility.

Zulu Enterprise™: OpenJDK™ builds with timely and affordable Security Updates.

Zulu Embedded™: Multiplatform OpenJDK™ builds for OEMs and ISVs.