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Online Marketing, Digital Marketing Company

Appzia Technologies is digital marketing company in Pune which provides digital marketing services like Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, Search engine marketing etc for the various types of businesses. Our Digital Marketing campaigns will help to increase the brand reputation and to build the online community. Digital Marketing Services that are provide to our clients for their branding are as follows:


Search engine optimization is the ranking our webpage in the google search engine result pages. This helps to increase users traffic to our website . SEO is the organic or free results by which we can grab potential customers to our website more than our competitors. Competitor analysis in SEO is very important to make our website better than our competitors and rank ahead of them. It contains On-page SEO, Off –PageSEO, Local SEO, Keywords Research.


Search engine marketing comprises the paid marketing campaigns. It has paid ads that we run on the search engines to increase its visibility on SERP. We at Appzia Technologies create ads based on keywords research and analysis. Next step of Search Engine Marketing is the bids management in which we bid for particular keywords. Also we can target those customers who have visited our website previously. It contains Google Ads, Bing Ads, PPC, Remarketing Ads.


Social Media Marketing is promoting our business on the social media channels and websites for the branding purpose. People are always sharing their personal information like hobbies and interests, marital status, locations, etc. on the Social Media so that social media is the best tool for the branding and promotion as there is huge traffic on it. Social Media Marketing helps us to reach the actual and very specifically targeted audience. It contains Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, You tube Ads.

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